Autism Website
We are pleased to announce the launch of our autism website, The University of Pennsylvania Autism Resource Guide, at The site is intended for primarily for people with autism in Pennsylvania, family members and other interested individuals to learn about autism spectrum disorders. Contact David S. Mandell. phone: 215.573.7494. More Info

Elwyn's Philadelphia Resource List for Autism Services and Supports The purpose of this listing is to share unbiased information about various Austim services and supports. Click below to download the Autism Resource List A-list 1.25.09.pdf Submitted by: (2/11 ramosfredd)

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania A series of podcasts on issues of importance and interest to persons with disabilities and their families. Get advice and suggestions to make your IEP meetings more successful, with the help of experienced DRN attorneys. You can download free podcasts for viewing on your computer or Ipod where you can learn how to prepare for an IEP meeting, what documents to have in advance, and what issues to discuss with your family member's education program. Click the link to head to the site now for free downloads!
Submitted by: (2/26 ramosfredd)

Autism Insurance Act! Read about it here.

Update Message Autism Society of America "Pennsylvania Autism Community" Here is an update letter from the Autism Society of America addressing the Pennsylvania Autism Community. It was written on May 14, 2009. Click here for the actual letter. (lzdravkovic 5/19)

BAS Launches Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP)
PAR Mail 2009-145 As announced during PAR’s Mini Conference last month, Pennsylvania’s Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) pilot program has received federal approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and has started accepting program applications. Click here for more information.

"Quiet Rooms" in Chester County Schools Please read and distribute far and wide: Please note, as of 5/20/09 the rooms at East Goshen have been
dismantaled….no longer exist…..however, there is still work to do. Please read this and consider contacting your legislators regarding this issue. Here you will find a letter written to other parents through a local autism blog/listserve[["Quiet Rooms"|.]] (lzdravkovic 5/26)