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More Dads Influence Daughters’ Career Paths
New York Times researched that Fathers appear to be playing a bigger role in their daughters career choices compared to men of previous generations. Click this link to find out more.LINK Submitted by Michele Jones (tjones 4/30)

Let's Get Cookin'
A fun way to bond with you kids while many a really meal... virtually!! Use this fun game as a tool to bond with your children all of the recipes on the game can be created in you own kitchen to continue the FUN!! Children have to follow a recipe, get the correct groceries from the "kitchen", measure and cut the correct amount of the foods and follow directions to "cook" the foods. Points are given based on how well the steps are followed. They also learn cooking terms. Summitted by Lynn Israel (tjones 4/29)

Youth Benefit From Strong Families Regardless of Income
When families make the news, it is often for negative reasons such as violence or abuse. However, families are critical to the positive development of children and youth, as well as to problems that may affect development. Family strengths include emotional/subjective strengths (such as close and caring parents); behavioral/concrete strengths (for example, parental monitoring and parent involvement); and passive parenting strengths (for instance, positive parental role modeling). To learn more about this important topic. Click Youth Benefits . Submitted by Sulaiman Wood. (tjones 5/1)

How do I find, select and pay for child care? The CCIS Parent Resource and Referral (R&R) Department maintains information on local child care facilities and community resources to help parents search for an appropriate arrangement for their child.