No Casino in the Heart of the City Coalition
Press Conference, February 18, 2009
Photo by Mica Root, Media Mobilizing Project
Come to AAU's Benefit Party: Saturday, March 7

Dear Friend,

It takes many things to build a movement - cash, commitment, comraderie - are three that come immediately to mind. Oh, and did I mention fun? It takes fun to build a movement too.

Next Saturday, March 7, we will bring all of that together in a party where we can all
help raise cash that is needed to keep us going strong
deepen our commitment and resolve to keeping the predatory slots industry away from our precious neighborhoods
enjoy the comraderie of good and interesting people
have fun!

Ellen Somekawa,
for all of us at Asian Americans United

March 7 Fundraiser Details

Cover Charge: $5 - $20 Sliding Scale

Things to drink and snacks to eat

Family-friendly event: Activities for kids

Bring your checkbook so you can buy stuff or make a donation

Bring your iPod if you want to add your music the mix

Enjoy the show at Vox Populi: Multi-media group show by guest curator Fionn Meade

Big, big thanks to Vox Populi for donating their beautiful space!


"How to Make the Case against Casinos in 10 minutes or less,"

Tues., March 10th 6-8 p.m.
Arch Street United Methodist Church
Broad and Arch Sts.

Join Media Mobilizing Project, Casino Free Philadelphia, and Asian Americans United for an active workshop on how you can talk in a short time frame about what's wrong with gambling in Philly and Market East.

Whether you want to learn to make a short "elevator speech" to use in your daily life, to prepare to write your letters to the editor, or to be a media spokesperson, this workshop is for you.

Sponsored by the No Casino in the Heart of the City Coalition
WRITE A LETTER! Tell your state legislators what you think!

Video Poker Machines: A Slots Parlor in Every Neighborhood?

Governor Rendell is pushing a plan to legalize video poker machines in every bar and tavern in the Commonwealth. While the Governor makes it sound as if this is not a major expansion of predatory gambling, the facts are pretty clear.

Proposing to legalize up to 10,000 new poker machines in the City of Philadelphia, where every resident will be within minutes of the nearest gambling machine, is an enoromous and reckless expansion of gambling. The fact that a small number of renegade bar owners already illegally have these machines in their establishments is no reason to subject the entire populace of Pennsyvlania to them.

Electronic gambling machines are among the most addictive forms of gambling. Why would lawmakers encouraging our citizenry to participate in this addictive activity?

We expect that our elected representatives will look after the public interest. Promoting addictive behavior and seeking to raise State revenue by impoverishing our people is not in the public interest!

To find your State Legislator, click here: Find your State Legislator

Opposition is Growing!

Opposition to the planned slots parlor at the Gallery at Market East is growing. Last week, the No Casino in the Heart of the City Coalition held a press conference to announce its formation. The 43 (and counting!) groups in our coalition represent faith groups, disabilities rights organizations, homeless advocates, high school and college groups, Chinatown associations, business groups, and others from far flung neighborhoods: West Philadelphia, Germantown, Center City, Frankford, Olney and others.

Our message was clear; the movement in Philadelphia against the predatory casino industry is growing in strength, diversity, and commitment. And, in the words of Reverend Ellis Washington, President of the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity, "We do not build a healthy economy or a balanced budget by increasing levels of poverty and addiction among our citizens."

Click here for the full story: Philadelphia Inquirer Story
Click here for a short video clip: Ron Stanford Video

We will challenge them every step of the way!

Special thanks to:

Ron Stanford of Stanford Creative for sharing his video &

Mica Root of Media Mobilizing Project for sharing her photo

Ellen Somekawa
Asian Americans United
1023 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Asian Americans United exists so that people of Asian ancestry exercise leadership to build their communities and unite to challenge oppression.