1. Is it possible to get lunch menus ahead of time?

Menus for all Food Service programs are posted on the district website
as soon as they are ready. Typically several weeks in advance of the
following month. For Full Service schools the menus are forwarded to the
cafeteria manager electronically who provide a copy to the principal for
distribution to the students. For satellite schools we send a copy to
the principal via district Pony mail who will then distribute to the
students. It is up to the principal to duplicate and distribute. All
menus are posted in the cafeterias for the students to view.

2. Is it possible to get more green vegetables or additional

Yes, We serve fresh fruits, vegetables and salads in all our
locations on a daily basis.

3. The lines are long and sometimes there is no food left at Baldi?
Can anything be done?

Food Services Field Supervisor assigned to Baldi will evaluate
service patterns and menu item availability. Any necessary adjustments
required will be implemented.

4. Is the lunch portion size the same whether the child is in
kindergarten or high school? If so, Why?

Yes our portion are the same for K-12. All meals meet or exceed USDA
requirement for K-12 meal pattern and recommended daily allowance. As
suggested at the meeting yesterday morning, if the principals encouraged
the children to receive breakfast this would go a long way towards
addressing any concerns.

5. Can there be an option for someone to pay more and get a healthier
choice option?

We like to think that we do offer healthy options at lunch. In many of
our full service schools there are freshly made salads offered daily.
Also in the schools that were recently converted to a modified program a
side salad is offered daily. Fresh Fruit and 100% juice is offered on a
daily basis in all our locations. Under USDA regulation we can not
overtly identify a child's eligibility or offer additional items based
on the child's ability to pay.